Upon your arrival

Change of life and country is a real stress, let us accompany you in the various steps

  • Assistance with administrative procedures (obtaining the Medicare health insurance card, social insurance number, driving license, banking services, etc ...).
  • Help in finding a home
  • Registering your children at school and/or extracurricular activities
  • Finding a family doctor
  • Various workshops (Canadian taxes, school system, health, diversity and inclusion, etc.)

Language Training

Contact our settlement agent for more information.
Contact Nivosoa Ravololomboahangy: - Tel : (506) 500-1181

Chaleur region guide

See the PDF guide


Exploratory Visit

Come meet us during your exploratory visit. Our settlement agent will arrange for you various meetings (bank, real estate agent, employment agent, ...) to answer as many questions as you can about your arrival in the Chaleur region.

Contact Nivosoa Ravololomboahangy: - Tel : (506) 500-1181


Upon your arrival

Make an appointment with our employement agent who will explain the first steps to take and will accompany you in the evaluation of your needs and your job searches. She will also be able to refer you to the Hive service, business creation and mentoring (

Various workshops (creation of your Canadian job application, the importance of networking, learning to target your job searches, interview situations, Canadian employment standards, ...) will also be offered. Do not forget to give us your email address to receive our invitations.

Recognition of foreign diplomas and regulated professions

To practice a regulated profession in New Brunswick, one must be accredited or licensed by the regulatory body of the profession in question.
Find the list of professions regulated by following this link

For all that concerns the recognition of foreign diplomas, consult the website

Contact our employement agent Marion Huber
marion.huber@macr-amrc-ca Tel : (506) 500-1182


To facilitate the integration of newcomers, we offer a varied program of activities and outings throughout the year: International Festival, winter activities, discovery of local customs, celebration of international festivals, summer camps, youth workshops, world cuisine and many more.
Register upon your arrival with our project coordinator Carole Tremblay Carelus to receive our invitations Tel : (506) 500-1180

A matchmaking program can also be set up between a family in the community and our newcomers, to help you overcome the stress of integration, give you information on everyday life, customs, ...
If you are interested in this program, contact our settlement agent Nivosoa Ravololomboahangy - Tel : (506) 500-1181


What better way to meet people in the community than volunteering!
We regularly recruit volunteers to help us in our activities, our international festival or for the welcome and help of newcomers. If you are interested in volunteering, contact our Project Manager.

Carole Tremblay Carelus
Tel : (506) 500-1180

Volunteer Registration Form